Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic Injury

catastrophic-injuryLaybourne Law Firm specializes in claims that involve the most serious injuries. These types of claims require more attention and care than the “big box” law firms can offer you. Ironically, these types of claims are the most difficult to fight because the insurance companies see them as a drain to their bottom line. Consequently, the insurance companies fight the catastrophic injury cases way harder than they do the run-of-the-mill claims.

Our greatest satisfaction is finding justice for these most vulnerable of accident victims. Nothing is better than achieving a great result for someone tragically injured through no fault of their own.

What Is a Major Injury?

A catastrophic injury can include:

  1. Traumatic brain injury

We are seeing more and more of these types of injuries as they become more recognized in the medical community. Thanks to the research being done in this area and the heightened awareness of the public in general, these types of injuries have become more treatable and quantifiable.

One great mistake we see victims making is refusing treatment for these injuries early on. Traumatic brain injury is responsible for cognitive problems, mood swings, loss of memory, irritability, headaches and other pain, etc. Luckily, there are now treatments that can greatly reduce the symptoms if the intervention is made early enough. If the emergency room doctor wants to screen for this, definitely do it.

  1. Spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury is often caused by a fall or a vehicle accident. It occurs when a part of the spinal cord column becomes compressed, fractured or otherwise injured. Spinal cord trauma can lead to loss of mobility, and some people who sustain this injury never walk again. Some are confined to a wheelchair or even to bed for the rest of their lives. The cost of treating these injuries for a lifetime can be staggering.

  1. Amputation

Losing a body part can be devastating. In addition to affecting mobility, self-confidence and the ability to work, amputations are often extremely expensive. While prosthetics to replace lost limbs have become more advanced, they also cost more.

Someone who has lost a limb will need to replace prosthetics regularly throughout their life and may need different prosthetics for different uses. In addition, someone who has sustained an amputation may need months or years of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and other treatments as they adjust to life with their injury.

  1. Burns

A severe burn can be the most traumatic injury you can sustain. People who have suffered severe burn injuries may suffer from depression or loss of self-confidence. In addition, burns can lead to loss of mobility or even paralysis, since the burn can affect the tissues and the muscles underneath the skin.

At Laybourne Law Firm, we have worked with many inspiring people who have reclaimed their lives after devastating injuries. However, in all these situations, injured people needed a strong support system and assistance to get started. The attorneys at Laybourne Law Firm have helped residents of Colorado Springs seek compensation for their injuries, giving them the ability to pay for medical care, at-home care and other necessary services. If you have been injured, contact Laybourne Law Firm for a free consultation so we can talk about the next steps after your accident.

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