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 “Our lives no longer belong to us alone; they belong to all those who need us desperately.”

 We only hire the best and most extraordinary to help spread our vision of justice. This is a real opportunity to help a lot of people who are in a bad spot because if the inherent unfairness in the civil and criminal justice systems. We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:


 Legal Assistant Level One

 This is a full-time, entry-level position that someone who is a hard worker can quickly and easily pick up. You will grow into more senior positions as you demonstrate your mental acuity and ability to focus. You must be clever and entrepreneurial in your mindset. You must be able to work sometimes on the weekends, as sometimes our clients do not have flexible work schedules. You should speak Spanish enough to communicate with our clients who cannot speak English. Your schedule will be somewhat flexible, though, in case you have an appointment or something to tend to.

 Vacation time is unlimited. Do not abuse this and please get your work done in a timely manner and please strive for excellence in the work you perform. We do not like to babysit, so it behooves your legal career to have a good attitude and do your best to figure things out. A lot of people are counting on you with this position, so you must be caring and dependable.

 Interestingly, fitness, nutrition, yoga, meditation and the like lead to peak performance in our experience. Commitment to these things will give you an edge. Additionally, it’s ok to take 20 minutes to grab a nap in your car in order to refresh your mind.

 Pay is $50,000 per annum.


 Criminal Defense Associate

 Got verdicts? Tell us about your successes. Invite us to see a trial you are doing soon. We are way more invested in your courtroom success than anyone else you can work for. We take cases to trial. We don’t roll over. We fight.

 Send us an email telling us about big wins. Generally, lawyers don’t like to hear war stories from other lawyers, but we love it. Tell us about your failures, too, but tell us what you learned from them. We don’t trust people who never fail. The initial pay is meager, but you get rewarded with peak performance. This job is not for the nervous nelly. Just get your work done and do a little justice.

 Feel free to schedule vacation out in the future in accordance with your trial schedule. The vacation time is unlimited, but there are times when you will need to work on the weekend.

 The caseload you will have here is not huge. You just have to really pay attention to the details because our clients expect a top-shelf experience. Your caseload will be nothing like working for the “big box” firms, the public defender or the district attorney’s office. However, if you have experience working for the public defender or for a district attorney’s office, it can be helpful.

 You should be able to speak Spanish to communicate with our clients who cannot speak English. Your Spanish doesn’t have to be perfect; you just need to be able to get the point across.

 You must be neatly attired and physically fit. It is an unfair world, but appearances matter to people on their most primal levels, which is where we dwell as trial lawyers, like it or not. You have to cultivate a high-energy and infectious attitude as well.

 You will do DMV hearings, pre-trial conferences, motions hearings, juvenile detention hearings, and jury trials. Sometimes the trials will be prepped with focus groups, but sometimes the budget is tighter.

 You will attend conferences and seminars that will advance your career to heights you never imagined. We don’t believe in sending you out to battle without ammo.

 If you are interested in the learning the personal injury practice at our firm, there will be an opportunity. The skill set translates nicely across practice areas.

 Pay is $60,000 per annum.


 Our Culture

We’re type A and no-nonsense. That said, we laugh a lot around the office because we like each other and the dog, Jake. He’s awesome, very mellow and relaxed.

This business is established, but looking to grow. Consequently, we have a start-up mentality, and so should you. You should be ambitious and enthusiastic. There are deadlines and pressure. Doing great things means sometimes being a little uncomfortable, don’t you think? We also like to drink beer and/or cider on occasion, and we have happy hours.

You have to be able to put bad outcomes behind you. Sometimes you lose when you’re aggressive. For example, a basketball point guard may have a lot of turnovers, where he coughed up the ball to the other team. But he also scored a ton of points and had a lot of assists, where his passes created a score for a teammate. He was making things happen. He was driving and dictating the pace and flow of the game, which involved risk. He was putting himself out there by being aggressive, but the success that came from his approach far outweighed any minor bumps he had along the way.

 Why Work with Us

 You will have the opportunity to help people in a substantive way and make a real difference in their lives. Our clients are in a bad spot and need our help to put their lives back together. The work you will do here is tremendously challenging and difficult, but it is also very important work.

 Justice is what we are passionate about and what we strive for every day. You should have the same commitment. It should make you angry when you see unfairness. This business is about more than just making money, although there is plenty of opportunity for that. However, money will not motivate you to greatness after a while. Caring for people who are facing long odds in the civil and criminal justice systems will.

 Please fill out the case evaluation form on our website telling us about yourself. We can’t put an email address here on the website because spammers will inundate it with their garbage. Please do not call the office, either because you will not get a response that way.

 Let’s get on it and knock it out of the park.

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