13-year-old Invents Drunk Driving Prevention Device

Krishna Reddy is a 13-year-old from Wichita Falls, Texas. He has invented a device to detect whether people are driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol. The device measures pupil dilation to determine when someone has ingested a substance.

Our pupils constrict, meaning they get smaller, and dilate, meaning they get bigger, naturally to adjust the amount of light that enters our eyes. When it is bright, our pupils constrict to filter out the amount of light that enters our eyes. When it is dark, our pupils dilate to allow more light into the eye. This phenomenon is called the pupillary reflex. Certain drugs, like alcohol and opiates, cause the pupil to constrict. LSD, magic mushrooms and cocaine cause the pupil to dilate.

Reddy invented a device to measure this phenomenon that uses software to measure the amount of constriction or dilation in the pupil, which can be used to determine whether someone has ingested drugs or alcohol. The device is made out of a toilet paper roll, a digital camera, and a snakehead flashlight. The flashlight shines into the eye, and the toilet roll helps to direct the light into the eye. The camera then takes a video of the reaction of the pupil. Reddy wrote a software program that measures the activity of the pupil when it reacts to the light.

The hope is that this type of device can help to prevent lethal accidents caused by impaired driving. You can watch a video of Reddy demonstrating the use of his invention here:


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