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Pre-Plea Investigative Report

A useful tool for fighting unjust domestic violence charges is now available in the El Paso County Courts in Colorado Springs and the Teller County Courts in Cripple Creek. It is called the “Pre-Plea Investigative Report.”

One of the most …

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How Do I Recover Damages for a Wrongful Death?

A wrongful death is when someone is killed by the negligence or bad acts of another person. The most common type of lawsuit we handle regarding wrongful death is when someone is killed by a drunk driver. 

Colorado law puts …

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6 Delayed Accident Symptoms Not to Ignore

After a car accident, some people quickly realize they are injured. Fractures, lacerations, and other injuries typically present with clear symptoms, such as pain. Others, don’t show or feel any immediate signs of injury.

Even if you seem to walk …

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7 Biggest Mistakes Made by Accident Victims

The justice system used to be simple. For example, at the founding of our nation, if your neighbor’s livestock escaped and ate your crops, your neighbor had to pay you for your destroyed crops. The system was based on common …

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Fall 2016 Scholarship Winning Essay

Congratulations to our most recent scholarship award winner, Jasmine Miles of San Diego State University!

Jasmine wrote a fantastic essay about texting and driving. It’s powerful messages like Jasmine’s that can motivate the millions of people who regularly text and …

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Guide to Colorado Biking Laws

Riding a bicycle is great for your health, great for the environment, and it’s fun!  But, did you know that there are specific laws for bicyclists?  Colorado statutes and local ordinances detail the laws for operating a bicycle (or any …

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10 Strangest Personal Injury Lawsuits and Their Outcomes


In legal speak, “personal injury” refers to cases in which a plaintiff has been the victim of physical, emotional or psychological trauma, typically due to malice or carelessness on the part of an outside party. Most often, the defendants in …

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Injured at Work

Getting reimbursed as an injury victim is different if the injury took place at work. If you were injured on the job, your injury compensation will be handled by the system known as “workers’ compensation.” Workers’ compensation is the name …

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Psychology of Persuasion

We consider ourselves to be masters of the psychology of persuasion. We have had to be tremendously diligent in learning the science behind what is and is not persuasive because it is so important to our clients. If our clients’ …

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The Best Places to Enjoy Snowmobiling in Colorado

Snowmobiling is an exhilarating winter pastime in Colorado. The copious powder snow and the crisp mountain air combine to make exploring the Rockies by snowmobile the pinnacle of winter recreation. Everyone in the state will give you their advice on …

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